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Facts That You Should Know about Unity Sand Rituals in a Marriage Ceremony

Demonstration of unity using sand is an old concept in America. It was a ritual that used to be exercised by indigenous Americans. It introduces a concept that creates fun and memorable moments which has drawn many folks.

It happens during the wedding day. The ritual of lighting candles is diminishing as the sand ceremony is becoming more popular. It is better in an outdoor setting than lighting candles as it cannot be affected by breeze. It can be done from whichever place people choose. The bride and groom have small containers full of colored sand from which they pour into one large container.

The ceremony is an illustration of unity that is attained when the bride and the groom marries. The colors of the sand match the color theme of the ceremony. It can be done at any time of the wedding ceremony as the couple desires. There are couple who involve children and parents in this tradition which makes it more glamorous.

The ritual is beautiful and inexpensive. There are different ways of doing it which depend on the choice of the bride and groom. This way, the occasion can remain to be memorable throughout their lives.

A unity sand ceremony clearly demonstrates the resolve of couple to remain united in their marriage life. The colors which bride and the groom pour into a large vessel are not of the same color. When the groom pours the colored sand the bride also takes her turn to pour it in the vase. It is more beautiful when the couple decides to drain the last grains of sand as one. Most couple exchange statements of their commitment to each other as they pour sand. You can make the unity sand ceremony by including the existing children in the exercise. Some people also involve parents as a way of honoring the family roots. The couple needs to agree how much sand will be poured. This can depend on the size of the vessel.

You will have to consider a few things. You have to select a suitable vase. The sand is kept in the vase as a memento in your home for many years. The vase should be well molded. Use colors that can blend beautifully. The color you select should be in harmony with the ones for your home.
The unity sand ceremony vows are very important. The sand ceremony vows are just an extension of the main marriage vows. The words are powerful words which create a lasting memory in the life of the couple. There are resources you should use to know how to choose memorable words.

It is such a remarkable thing to join marriage in such a fantastic way. Ask for details from people who have done their wedding in this style.

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