Lofoten Photography Tour

For a wintry sightseeing escape, there is no doubt that the Lofoten photography tour rates among the top and most sought after trips. A myriad of local locations are tackled within a relatively short span of time from Reine to Leknes, each offering a great deal of photographic prospects. The Lofoten Islands are just off Norway, which is the entry point to the tour start base. The islands are actually connected with a structured set of bridges, meaning the tour does not have to operate entirely out of a boat.

Actually being on land not only allows for worthy shots but also for a chance to take in some snow filled activities and the charming little Viking villages along the way. Each island is small in nature but there is an abundance to keep one occupied. Majority of the Lofoten photography tour will place emphasis on just that, taking pictures. That is the aim of the trip in any case. There are a lot of epic sights to take full advantage off during the Lofoten photography tour and with the able help of your tour guide, you are sure to accomplish this task.

The always wintry scene at this location makes the Lofoten photography tour, an all year adventure, though it is the September to April months which sees tours reach its peak. It is at this time that the acclaimed Northern Lights are most visible. Allow the genius of the Lofoten photography tour guide, lead you to specific spots to take in aerial views of this extraordinary sight. Of course, this is just one spectacle of wonder one will come to enjoy during the Lofoten photography tour.

Other backdrops include cosy villages, jagged mountains against the seas edge and as always, the magnificent sea creatures who call this icy escape, home. For the Lofoten photography tour, one need just pitch up to the tour with their personal belongings only. The rest of the details along with the photography equipment is taken care of by the travel company. It really is a pack up and go sort of holiday, which additionally is so rewarding in terms of both experiences and learning.