South Africa Birding

South Africa birding features among the top destinations for birders, the world over. It is a country many deem a must visit at least once during their birding years. The reasons for this are various. The first being the most obvious. For a successful birding trip there must be an ample amount of species to be able to take in though this is not just the only requirement. There must be exotic species of birding which cannot be found in your home country or even neighbouring areas, else why would you even need to travel to see them. South Africa birding offers this to birders in leaps and bounds. Some of your more famed species found during South Africa birding are your Southern Black Korhaan and your Cape Sugarbird.

These along with many others are almost a guaranteed sight upon your arrival in the country. For many other species endemic to the area, it is best to be seen with the aid of a birding tour company. Their expertise on the local area is bound to ensure that you do get a sighting of them during your trip. It will also be to your advantage to spend a good amount of time during your South Africa birding tour. This should be around the region of two weeks. It will allow you a nice relaxed tour of taking in the country as a whole and also not rushing through the various birding spots. Although time is of the essence during a South Africa birding tour, one must ensure that the taken tour company is going to give you ample time to spend with the spotted bird species and not to just take a photo and carry on with the day.

Birding is so much more than that, as any birder will know. Of course, the first step is to record the sighting of this new species but then the wonder comes about in the admiration of the bird and taking in both their physical and social habits. This kind of activity cannot be seen on television or written about which why it should not be rushed through is. Chances are that most birders will not return for a South Africa birding trip since bird watching is all about seeing different species. This is achieved by traveling to different countries which means that South Africa will probably not be returned to unless the birder deems it extraordinary. The other allure of South African birding is that it can be done year round. There are no periods where birding is lessened due to high rainfall or migration habits. The country is warm all year round which means birds are in abundance all through the country, always. An average 2 week period will see birders travel the full length of the country from the scaled Cape Mountains to the endless Natal valleys. This also makes it a great stay for tours. For a summery escape and bird fuelled adventure, a South Africa birding trip will not let your expectations down.