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Buying the Best Crabs

Choose the best crab when you decide to buy. Simply choose freshest and fleshiest. The following ways can be the best guide for you to buy the best crabs.

The mud crab is the star ingredient to many.The larger varieties of the same hail from Sri Lanka. The meatiest ones are the best for you, to give the most bang for the buck no matter where you are eating it from. Having said that, it is not always in your best interest to choose your crab solely on its size.The freshly molted ones, for instance, can barely fill out its new shell. The following tips will empower you when it comes to choosing your crab.

The first thing that is necessary to consider is to look at where the crabs are kept. Consider the ones that are kept in a dry place. It is characteristic of the crabs kept in water tanks to use most of their energy more quickly, using all their reserve energy.You may try to find out from the seller when the crabs were actually caught.If the days after being caught exceed two, look the other way.

The crab’s activity level should also come to picture.The crab that you buy should not be either be dead nor dying.A live crab is what you want. This is because the carcass will turn bad in just a few hours. The feisty and aggressive ones should consist of your choice. If there aren’t any that are feisty and aggressive, choose the ones that are at least moving.

Another thing that you will need to do is to inspect the crab’s belly. The light-colored triangular flap on the underbelly should receive good attention. There is a difference in males and females since their bellies are very different. If you press the belly of a fleshly crab, it will be firm, bulging and yellow tinted.This can easily be done by use of a finger that easily tests firmness in the belly.

The crabs that have dull shells should be your choice. Do not go for the bright ones. The ones displaying battle scars or even scratches are better by far. When a crab is ready to molt, its shell is worn, and it is fleshy. Sussing out the smell is helpful.

The crab’s claw is the other area that you check the crab.A full grown crab can be checked by looking at how well the crab claws are used. Pay emphasis on the right claw that is used to crush the prey. Are the teeth blunt or flattered?

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